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Colombia: Being with the Other

Romania: Blinking my Hazards

Poland: Reverence For Emergence

Bhutan: Happiness in the Himalayas

Indonesia: Karma Kitchen in Ubud, Bali!

Germany: Two Days On Well Being (and a spontaneous video chat)

Malayasia: Leadership Energy

Taiwan: Nee Hao From Nuns

Los Angeles: Circles-R-Us

At Home: Just in the Last Week

India: 11 Insights (2015), Seven Emergent Questions From Four Months in India (2014)

(Unedited) Stories from India

Holding Space Last Week

Five Days in Bangalore

Eventful 'Moved By Love' Year

Gently Shaking the World

Blessings From LA

Full and Empty From East Coast

Hello, from Ketchum, Idaho

From Texas to Newtown

Bulldozed by Love

Arun Dada: Loving Thy Silently

Sister Lucy: Always Room for One More

Dada Vaswani: Thank You!

Freddy Ehlers: Meditating Minister of Ecuador

Masami Saionji: Symphony of Peace Prayers

Ferose: Everybody is Good at Something

Dada Vaswani: Chance Encounter with 96 Year Old

Arun Dada and Meera Ba: Giftivism in Action

Brother David: Lessons From a Benedictine Monk

Pancho Ramos: Radical Kindness of Pancho Ramos

Nimo: Finding Myself in Service

Ishwar Patel: Life and Death

Yuka and Shin: First time in Japan

Deepak Chopra: When Deepak Comes Over

Wavy Gravy and Larry: Blessing

Vimala Thankar: An Unexpected Encounter

Nancy Rivard's Wings of Love

Zen Master Les Kaye

Two Thoreaus of Sakwa County

Dwarko Sundrani
Interview on Laddership

Gandhi and ServiceSpace

Six Questions at a Business Conference

Why Small Acts -- Not Big :)

Dozen Questions on Volunteerism

Emergence of Laddership Circles

21-Day Challenge Portal

KindSpring Revolution

OOC For Transformation

Cultivating Compassion Quotient

Four Stages of Community Building

Being Volunteer-Run

Compassion as a Basic Global Ethic

From Sharing Economy to Gift Ecology

Financial Versus Non-Financial Motivation

Technology, Design and Values

Do Nothing Generosity

Seven Reflections From Thirty Days of Meditation

Five Reasons to Serve Others

When Generosity Meets Venture Capital

Introducing Giftivism at the UN

Seven Lessons For Neil and Dillan's Summer Internship

Spectrum of Organizing Value Creation

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"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."