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My life is an attempt to bring smiles in the world and silence in my heart. I want to live simply, love purely, and give fearlessly. That's me.

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  • Oct 28

    Leadership Energy In Malaysia

    Right as we meet, Rajeev tells me, "I feel like I know you already." Back in the 90s, he was a very successful Wall Street Banker -- until one day he received a message that his father unexp...

  • Sep 07

    Lessons From A Benedictine Monk, Brother David

    At a retreat in Italy, I found myself trimming rose geraniums with a Benedictine Monk as a part of our morning service. Guri and I had first run into him a decade ago, just couple days after our m...

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"Service doesn't start when you have something to give; it blossoms naturally when you have nothing left to take."

"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."