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Ripples From Austria

I'm always amazed by what happens in between the cracks. Last month, in Austria, I had a very tight schedule but a very sweet woman asked if I would be willing to do an interview over breakfast in Vienna.

Out came this interview in German, and this translation.

Afterwards, as she kindly drove me (and then attended our 1-day retreat), I asked her about a moving anecdote from the many interviews she's done. With tears in eyes, she told me about a CEO who overhead a conversation between one of his front-line workers and his kids: "Son, this is a chart of all the important people in the company." After a while, "How come my Dad is not listed there? He's very important." From that day onwards, CEO decided to turned his top-down organization into something much more inclusive.

Also just released, the talk I gave at BOKU in Austria. More than a talk, it felt like an experience. :)

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