Stories From Italy to Indonesia

May 5, 2015


Friends, some stories from the last year.

In ServiceSpace, we have made it a practice to serve with whatever is present. One never knows where it will lead. This last year, it took me to various countries, and left me inspired with the universal resonance of our shared values. Here's some of what moved me ...

Brother David in Italy: his life-long practice? Ask nothing, refuse nothing.

Ni-Hao From Taiwan: who knew nuns were so cool? (Especially with Mandarin Smile Decks.)

96-Year-Old in India: an unforgettable encounter with a man seeped in humility.

Well-Being in Germany: brainstorming with intellectuals, and a spontaneous video.

In Silicon Valley: becoming a father set Ferose on a path to shift the corporate world.

Terima Kasih in Malaysia: heard powerful stories of Mandela. (And met Steve Woz.)

Kindness Online: KindSpring's 21-Day Challenge portal launched. Already 44K alumni.

Karma Kitchen in Bali: when couple dozen CEO's start serving tables and magic unfolds.

Along the way, had a chance to share some talks and write some blog entries like: From Sharing Economy to Gift Ecology.

In the end, Vinoba Bhave's words of "Jai Jagat" (hail to the world) ring true. I trust kindness and compassion are continuing to light up your corner of the world as well.

Jai Jagat,


P.S. We recently started Laddership Circles to support generosity-driven projects. If you know of a like-hearted change-maker who can benefit, the next one is in June. :)


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