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Questions Post Pandemic

[Gross National Happiness group in Bhutan arranged a recent conversation, and when they asked about some questions I've been holding, I shared few of these points below.]

  • Is this pandemic a war story or a love story? How do we respond to emergencies without losing track of emergence? Is uncertainty a liability or an asset? From back in March: The Questions We Asked
  • In a volatile "VUCA" world, systems powered by extrinsic motivators (money, power, status) aren't agile enough to respond skilfully. How do we build sustainable, regenerative systems that are powered by intrinsic motivations? Dozens Questions Around Volunteerism
  • Silicon Valley experts tell us that pandemic has accelerated technology adoption by at least 10 years. Is that good news or bad news? If technology automates status-quo, are our modern innovations helping us build barriers or bridges? Watch Algorithms and Love
  • Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Peace isn't the absence of tension." In a cancel culture mindset, service can be framed as a denial of self-care, meditation as an escape from reality, generosity as a tool for the privileged, kindness as a pacifier of status-quo, and so on. What inner qualities do we need to unlock the wisdom of the Middle Way in times of extreme polarity? Watch a recent talk at City of Ten Thousand Buddhas: Power of Maybe
  • Who do we have to be to ignite a field of emergence where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts? What does it mean to create value (a la Gandhi) outside the box of 3 M's -- military, money and media? What will helps us shift from broadcasting to "deepcasting", from mechanistic leadership to wholistic "laddership", from money as sole currency to multiple forms of wealth? Watch Goi Peace Address: Designing For Flow

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