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The Fourth Day

In the early 90s, NASA sent a spider into space to explore how zero gravity affected web-building. Without her body weight as a guide, the spider wove misshapen webs for the first three days. But on the fourth day ... she returned to form with a near-perfect web!

In meditation, without the gravity of our flickering minds and sensual entertainment, those three days can feel like lifetimes. :) Yet, the fourth day is on the horizon.

Before a recent talk at SAP Engineering Academy, Ferose introduced me with his usual big heart. But he also shared a rejoinder of how we first met ...

I was speaking at Davos, and in the hotel shuttle one morning, four of us were sitting next to each other, knee to knee. The guy next to me was Adam Grant, and before we got off he sent off an email to connect. Years later, last month, I met Adam again -- and thanked him for the most important introduction of my life. With a big smile on his face, he goes on to ask me, "Do you think Nipun is a saint or a human?" I was taken aback and didn't know what to say. :) Then I replied, "I think he's human heading towards sainthood."

Apart from being flattering, :) I realized that is everyone's intro -- heading towards sainthood, Day 4.

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