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In India Next Month ... (Dec 2019)

Dear ServiceSpace Friends in India,

It's been some time since I last emailed, but I trust you are well. On this end, I'm delighted to be in India next month and if our locations intersect, it would be a great joy to hug in person! :)

As many of you know, the work of ServiceSpace and MovedByLove is about creating solutions that lead with inner transformation over external impact. That implies a shift from singular transactions to multi-dimensional relationships to trust, which ultimately affords us personal and collective resiliency to respond to society's increasingly complex challenges. To build on that dialogue across various sectors, here's a few events you may like to join, apart from other masti :) ...

  • In Mumbai, we are hosting a 2-day retreat on re-thinking impact and practices around leading with inner transformation. More broadly, on Dec 8th, we're hosting a public Awakin Talks event with some inspiring speakers -- including Dr. Vikram, who is creating a medical revolution while still owning just two pairs of clothes! RSVP here.

  • In Delhi, apart from various public talks, we are also hosting a 'Deepening Social Change'; circle to dialogue on how we might create sustainable social change with non-financial incentives.

  • In Baroda, where there are so many grassroots circles every week, the community is putting on an Awakin Talks gathering with inspired leaders, like a tree planter from Auroville and co-founder of MindTree corporation. Details about Dec 15th.

  • In Hyderabad, we're hosting a "Code for Love" event, to rethink technology with values. Various CTO's are coming, but the real story here is the venue itself -- Anahad, started by Abid and Shabbar, two brothers who left Microsoft to build a farm and let the farm build them. Details here.

  • In Surat, we are doing a weekend "Laddership" Immersion, which will feature Awakin Circle, Karma Kitchen, Laddership Retreat and more. Included will be a thousand person event on 'Compassion in Education', with Kiran Sethi, a life-long village teacher, and SEL educators from Romania! Learn more here.

  • In Ahmedabad, we are hosting an international "Gandhi 3.0" gathering with some global luminaries. As a part of the retreat, we'll host two community nights -- featuring Kabir singer Prahlad Tipanya-ji and Gandhi's grandson Rajmohan-ji. Although our space is limited, those evenings will be open to friends from India -- like all of you. :) Apply here.

This summer, I had a remarkable visit to Colombia, staying in a city that was previously called "murder capital of the world". Despite the challenges, I left deeply inspired by the propensity of the human heart to bend towards great love. At the "Being with the Other" conference, I concluded with this thought:

What Gandhi called Law of Love could even be called Law of Flow. When we give, even in the tiniest of ways, our shift from me-to-we ignites this flow and invites deep relationships. Wider our circle of generosity, stronger our flow and longer our bridges. And richer the field of emergence. Now, whatever small action we take is no longer just a isolated shot in the dark; it dances in concert with the winds of nature and thus triggers an unending ripple effect.

Looking forward to embracing this flow of love with all of you, and serving the web of life.

With flowing smiles, :)


P.S. A recent reflection that you may enjoy: Gandhi And ServiceSpace.

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