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Women's Prison In Philippines

This morning, I went to a women's prison where Ana and Anjo have been putting on weekly "theater arts" circles.

Last year, when Nimo visited, they were all deeply moved and then memorized his songs. And as a tribute to him, and to express their gratitude, they put on a *phenomenal* performance today! They said they knew me because Nimo told them about his "brother" last time. :) Without a mic, in the sweat-inducing heat, with their friends from the prison, they danced and sang their hearts out. The emcee, also an inmate, said, "We had been looking forward to this day for a long time. Just you coming here gives us hope. Thank you." Take a look:

I had some great chats with some of the prisoners, and the prison guard took me around the whole campus to show me their (dehumanizing) condition. Still, generosity was in ample supply. Apart from hugs and stories, one of the prisoners gave me a very special hand-made item.

The women were also all dying to take selfies. :) I was trying to get bunch of them together, but then they would fight like this:

In many cases, just a few small mistakes here and there, and their entire life had changed. Still, they find the courage and hope to rise up to a greater love. Truly a heartwarming experience.

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