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Asian Institute Of Management

This morning, I had to speak to some students at Asian Institute of Management -- one of the top rated business schools in the Philippines. Ricky, the former Dean, and now a long-time professor, warned me that these students are super competitive and love to be argumentative. :)

The thing is, though, that generosity tames everyone. :)

Following just a few stories, the ambiance turned up a couple notches. Students were very engaged and asked great questions. By the end of the hour, we were all hugs. Couple of professors heard about the talk, and came by for brunch to explore synergies -- including a former labor minister turned professor, who felt it was pre-destined we met, to "brew a more perfect storm". :) Ricky himself was quite taken. He wants to host a "Startup Service" style retreat for b-schoolers in early 2019.

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