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Professors With Smile Cards

The Dean of Social Sciences school at NCCU, one of the well-known and older colleges in Taiwan, hosted a beautiful dialogue on "development" today. Very sweetly, he organized a group of inspired professors and department heads to dive deeper into ServiceSpace. It was quite energizing, and has generated various future invitations. In particular, many are keen to explore the idea of multiple forms of capital in their social development work and teaching. It strikes me that we ought to prepare a case study or module, for educational institutions to implement lots of these ideas, from 21-day challenges, to service learning projects, circles and much more.

Here's a few of us at the end, holding our Smile Cards:

Before we even started, Dean Min-Hsiu Chiang spoke in a very un-Dean-like way :) and told me that he felt we had met in a past life. And after the talk, he repeated that sentiment. :)

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