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Awakin Eisenstadt: What Are The Odds!

In the evening, we held an Awakin Circle in Eisenstadt, in a rural part of Austria. For many months now, Eisenstadt has been home to weekly Awakin Circles.

Katherine's parents had just given us the use of their entire restaurant. A sign that translates the feeling we all had: "So glad you are here."

Again, a sacred energy seemed to fill our space. We went around in a circle, and then I closed with some stories. So many wonderful people, like a 78-year-old local named Ghookie -- "I used to smoke 30-40 cigarettes a day, drink many bottles a day. Then I found Paramhansa Yoganananda and it changed my life. I've been meditating 2 hours a day for the last 43 years." We all felt like friends.

By night, we discovered a beautiful painting. "Oh, this is your painting?" "Yes." "What's this sign?" "Oh, it says you can give whatever you think this painting is worth to you." "So, what if someone says, it's worth 10 Euros to me." "Well, it's happened once. And what can you do? You give for 10 Euros. You trust in the flow." :)

By night, I was pinching myself. What are the odds that my parents would start an Awakin circle thousands of miles from this small Austrian village, and that someday I would find myself in this circle with all these strangers who feel like family?!

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