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Austria Retreat: You Are In Me, I'm In You

Ollie and Katherine, alongside the gang, hosted a full-day retreat in Eisenstadt today. Lots of inspired folks, inspired stories, and inspired connections. And yum, vegan food -- all the way in rural Austria. :)

After we finished a beautiful circle of sharing in the morning, one woman raises her hand and says, "I have to share something." With a quiet confidence, she says, "In our meditation today, I experienced something that I've never experienced before. You know, how we have been talking about how we are all connected -- well I experienced that. I saw all these colors, and realized that the boundaries between us don't exist." Realizing that others may not be able to relate, she said, "You know in that movie Avatar, where everyone just plugs into each other and together it unlocks this remarkable radiance -- that's what I experienced today. It was the most magnificent experience of my life. I could just feel that all of you are in me, and I'm in all of you. We're all one."

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