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Karma Kitchen Vienna! Angel Is In The Details.

Today, we hosted the first first Karma Kitchen in Austria! To get a glimpse into the magic, read Hermann's quick post and check out the photos.

We usually hear, "Devil is in the details," but actually "Angel is in the details," too. We had a Michelin-star chef volunteer with us. He met Alma two months ago at a gathering, and shared how cooking for others had saved his life. It wasn't so much the cooking part, but the "others" part. He not only signed up, but is keen to keep serving in many other ways. The event was hosted at the Markhoff -- "a village inside a city". Stephan, Markhoff's founder, was so moved to see everyone excited about the smallest things, from origami lotus-folded napkins to the dinner presentation. Generosity really brings the village together, and he can't wait to do it again in his space.

Perhaps one of the most touching details was the community that Katzi and Hermann have built up over many, many years. They keep doing small acts with great love, and support everyone and anyone, without asking for anything in return. Few months ago, both their cars separately broke down. They both needed to replace their cars, and it was unclear that they would be able to afford it. Katzi was thinking of getting a motorbike. Somehow, someone put a crowdfunding page and in a week, everyone had pitched in a boatload of money to get them both used cars. After Karma Kitchen finished, someone sang a beautiful song (in an Austrian dialect) that moved many to tears -- "Your generosity has kept us moving, and so it's only right that we keep you moving." Then, we huddle outside to surprise them with cars ...

All too often, people smile at the fruits. But the angel is in the details, and the roots. :)

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