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"Atomic Energy" At Awakin Vienna

My first time in Austria was 24 hours in transit -- that featured many moments of joy, including the first Awakin Circle in Vienna. Christine and Heidi have continued that circle twice a month, every month, since then. And Katherine started another one in Eisenstadt. Ripples abound!

Today was my second time in Austria, this time a bit longer, and I had the great joy of starting with Awakin Vienna tonight. Close to 40 of us joined, including Ashima from Romania, and many other friends. I spoke about the power of circles, the slow stories it incubates, and the vision of a many-to-many possibility.

For many of them, it was the first time meditating. One of the fellows was a body builder, who shared, "I had been going from one concrete box to another, and yes, this is a concrete box, too, but the feeling was totally different. I sat down in silence for the first time, and in just minutes, I felt like tremendous atomic energy. It was amazing." He wants to now head to a 10-day meditation retreat. :) Various others in the circle are keen to start other local circles, too.

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