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Happier World: Be The Change, Surrender The Rest

This morning, I spoke at Happier World conference, organized by Shamash and Chi. Both consider themselves ServiceSpace volunteers. Every year, they organize this event around my London visit. It is full of inspired speakers, inspired energy, and inspired ripples -- and this year was no exception.

Last year, I remember meeting a young woman in the elevator. She was very sweet, and shared about her labor of love project, and asked me if I would be willing to help. Although I had very little space on my schedule, I fit it in. It was very sweet, and just this week, someone (unknown to me) subtitled it in Vietnamese, and it has spread virally in Vietnam (ahead of my visit next month).

Ripples take their own path and take their own time. We just have to be the change and surrender the rest. :)

At the end of the conference, we went to dinner and spoke deeply about various topics. Shamash, who is a big-hearted organizer and Laddership alumni, has now got a beautiful space called "Museum of Happiness" that he is continuously trying to align with ServiceSpace organizing values. It's a great joy to see the remarkable journey it's taking and the thousands of lives it is touching.

Next up? Shamash's brother is excited about an Awakin Talks event in London. A bit like a TedX event, but with an explicit focus on inner transformation.

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