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24 Hours In Austria

Last month, I was delighted to visit Austria for less than 24 hours. Christine, Alma, Katzi and Hermann whipped up a storm of love -- from walks around town, to an Awakin Circle, to meetings with inspiring change-makers, to late night brainstorms, to nurturing ripples like monthly Awakin Circles in two cities, alongside planning a Karma Kitchen and 1-day retreat next Spring. Who would've imagined.

Oh, and while we were sitting in the backyard, with 20 minutes before the next event, Manuel brought out some recording gear and turned it into this ...

After the quick shoot, Manuel ended up texting his wife, who was running for public office in two weeks: "Uber cab is waiting for you at the door. You must come tonight." She not only joined, but ended up being among the last to leave, with Manuel literally pulling her out. :) #PowerOfLove

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