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Author Of 120 Books In Japanese!

A while back, Gary Zukav had introduced me to Ken Honda. This morning, we met for breakfast with his daughter Hanah and secretary Sarah (who is from Texas, but fluent in Japanese!).

Ken is very popular among the Japanese youth. In his twenties, he was very successful in the finance world, but at the age of 29, life took him down a different path. He became a father, quit his job, and published a small (free) booklet that went viral. Now, he has written over 120 books in Japanese (that have sold over 11 million copies) -- and cranks out another one every couple months. Kind of amazing. And he can't believe I'm not writing books. :) After our conversation, he's keen to do a book on generosity in Japan, and we also cooked up a few other ideas. :)

His daughter Hanah was also very sweet. She's never taken a test in her life. When she explored college, everyone told her that ultimately college is about relationships. So instead of college, she decided to start a website called "Life is my college". After our breakfast, she wrote a super sweet note that speaks her open heart: "I watched your TED talks before we met and resonated so much with it so I was actually a bit nervous to meet you in person. But meeting you changed everything. Right from the moment you got in the car, I became your number one fan. Feeling your warm welcoming presence, I felt like I was in a bubble of love." Hanah is a big fan of YouTuber Superwoman, :) and is excited to come to India later this year, for a Moved by Love retreat.


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