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Beloved Sisters In Japan

I arrived in Japan, and had all kinds of wonderful excuses to be with my wonderful Saionji sisters. Two days of endless laughs, deep conversations, and happy brainstorming. We had a circle with systems thinkers, a beautiful prayer event with the larger community, and various meetings in between.

The sisters are truly called to laddership, a kind of leadership that relies on awareness of the interconnections with an ecology. At the moment, Yuka is busy laddering her second child in the third tri-mester of her pregnancy while Rika is getting ready to start Awakin Circles with their community. Maki, who has hosted 16 Karma Kitchens in Tokyo, recently spoke at a "dream event" with 1000 people and her dream of building a hospice was selected by the audience as the most inspirational. Many ServiceSpace friends from around the globe will be joining them for Symphony of Peace Prayers this year.

Masami treated us to a glorious 8-course vegetarian meal (best Japanese -- and umami -- food I've ever had!), trumped only by her radiant energy and metaphysical visions about the future of ServiceSpace. :) Hiro and I also had lunch, talking about Yuval Harari's books and personal practice of sitting 60 days in meditation each year.

Before we left, I offered Meghna's beautiful art work -- and as they posed for a photo, I joked that it looked like prison mug shots. That explains Rika's smile. :)


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