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Ten Days Of Gandhi 3.0

Forty leaders convened from over a dozen countries for a “Gandhi 3.0” retreat. Twenty-five volunteers committed to serving 10 days of their lives, from cooking to cleaning to anchoring the retreat. It was a labor-of-love, all around; for instance, the kitchen crew hand-crafted more than 100 recipes just for this!

For a few days before it started, we had an immersion program for early arrivals -- and that itself changed people’s lives. On January 25th, Rev. Heng Sure lit up Seva Cafe. It was a dream come true for many volunteers, to have Rev. Heng Sure in India. Ari shared an incredible story of vulnerable generosity.

On the 26th, the retreat started. People had flown in from around the world. One person had offices in 41 countries; another had spoken to crowds of 100 thousand; one had worked with 8 US presidents; another was from a royal family. Yet everyone opened by saying, “I don’t know why I’m here.” That means that no one had an agenda; everyone came on the strength of deep relationships. That set the field for radical emergence.

By the 27th, it was clear that something precious was blooming through our circle. On the 28th, we had a community night at the Gandhi Ashram! On the 29th, a spectacular community night anchored by Guri and Sheetal. By the 30th, everyone was in tears after our concluding three-steps-and-a-bow. Not one person knew what exactly was going on, but these leaders -- who have experienced thousands of circles before -- invariably wrote back: “life changing experience.”

Pure grace. The whole thing. Rev. Heng Sure called it “my most memorable experience in conscious memory.”

Audrey has posted an amazing write-up that chronicles the details: Unlocking the Law of Love. If you just have 8 minutes, this video may fill up your heart too:


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