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Simple, Slow And Subtle

For the last several years, Sheetal and Khushmita's home (often called "Urban Ashram") has always seemed to give rise to new talks.  This year, my topic was the "simple, slow and subtle" power of circles.

Dozens of volunteers setup the ambiance, cooked the food, meditated sincerely, and engaged in dialogue.  After the first hour of silence, a woman opened with a song that wowed us beyond words.  (I later learned that Shruti has moved from a corporate job to singing Kabir poetry!)

I opened by saying, "A quote on that blackboard reads, 'No matter what the question, love is the answer.'  And yet, today, love has become a question mark.  I think it's because simple, slow and subtle have given way to complex, fast and exuberant."  

It was a beautiful space shared.  During the Q&A, there were some interesting questions like, "Should I focus on working hard or go with the flow?" "How does simple compare with the majestic?"  "What happens when giving doesn't feel good?"

Grateful to Sheetal and Khush, for quietly laddering so much -- including five Awakin Circles every week, in the city of Pune!   

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