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Office Without Any Doors :)

Smita-ben and Jyoti-ben have been supporting grassroots NGOs for decades, and last year, they held a retreat with NGO founders that deepened the conversation from impact to transformation. 

This year, we did it again -- but with a broader range of NGOs.  Lots of inspiring insights.  Renu shared a beautiful story of what she did after last year's retreat -- "I removed all the doors in our offices.  I didn't want boundaries.  And I got rid of my title.  We are operating without any CEO now, and it's working just fine -- in fact, even better." :)

Among many other social change heroes in attendance, was Gautam Bajaj.  At the age of 14, he dedicated his life to service, under the guidance of Vinoba Bhave.  One day, he asked Vinoba if he should learn Japanese to spread these values there.  Vinoba responded, "Before learning Japanese, learn how to make the local bread."  Everyday, for the next forty years(!), he made 'roti' for all the nuns at the Brahma Vidya Mandir in Pavnaar.  Both Gautam Dada and Usha Tai (who was also present) have always blessed ServiceSpace and feel that we're manifesting Vinoba's 'Jai Jagat' vision.

To end the retreat, I explained three steps and a bow in Hindi!  It's quite remarkable to see how deeply the act of bowing (and humility!) resonates with everyone, across so many cultures.   

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