(Long) Audio Interview With CommonWeal

Apr 26, 2007

Last week, Michael Lerner interviewed me on a conference call -- former professor at Yale, author of several books and current president of CommonWeal. He opened our conversation by saying that he's just so stunned at the work of CharityFocus that he had an unusual "altered state of consciousness" experience while preparing for the interview!

The interview is almost an hour and half but covers a wide range of topics from broader spirituality to CharityFocus projects (including the recent ones like KarmaTube, Conversations and Karma Kitchen) to some personal life experiences (MP3 here):

Phone interviews are interesting because you can't feed off the dynamic energy of the audience, but when have a 1.5 hour, unedited audio interview, you can't really fake it so the real you comes out. :) On this particular call, some friends like Marion Weber (second eldest daughter of Rockefeller) and Barabara Cushing also joined in so that felt nice. A woman, whom I later met at Karma Kitchen last Saturday, said she just sat still for three hours after the call. So, I suppose, one never knows what we're instruments for. :)

Although it's a new program, you can download past interviews with folks like Ram Daas. (Michael is also open to posting all his interviews on a Conversations.org audio channel that we are hoping to create.)

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