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Aug 16, 2005

Since the beginning of this pilgrimage, we have received many notes from people inspired to start their own journeys. Any sincere action is its own reward, but to help others through it is certainly icing on the cake. :)

Today, I got an email from the ever-so-happy Madhusudan Mittal. He's an independent filmmaker, who has started journeying around the Himalayas to interview saints; his first stop was the Dalai Lama in Dharmasala. On Dalai Lama's birthday, Madhu got to be up close with him and asked, "How can all the religions of the world work together?" Dalai Lama smiled and responded, "Well, we can start by going out to lunch together."

Raj Kanani and Sameer Sampat are two roommates from UCLA who also took off on their own journey two weeks back. They plan to travel around India to profile progressive nonprofit organizations.

And of course, there's the creative Mark Peters and John Silliphant duo, who are unleashing their acts of service in Ahmedabad under the guidance of Jayeshbhai. Their most recent act was delivering 4000 "love letters" from India to Pakistan on Independence Day.

All their blogs are also included in the Tao Jones Ticker and their submitted works will be posted at iJourney.org.

May we all walk together in service.

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