Most Inspiring Blog Entries?

Aug 2, 2005

On this pilgrimage, we've shared several dozen stories and experiences through our blogs. Unlike journalism, we don't go out to find or create stories; rather ours was a process of sharing whatever happens to us -- sitting, walking or even sleeping :) -- with the simple hope that gives an extra umph to the reader's own journey.

Often, we find ourselves in position of finding the "top ten" stories that people have found value in. You can't always gauge by the number of comments or the number of hits or the number of emails, and it's impossible for us to rate 'em; so I thought I'd just ask the readers -- which story (or stories) inspired you the most?

Please consider all the writings on this blog, Guri's blog, and Inner-net stories also have a chronological listing. Following that, just post a comment on this thread or email your inputs.

Thanks for you readership; it's a big support to know that others are with you.

[ P.S. My blog will return again after two weeks of solitude. :) ]

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