Crossing Milestones

Jul 1, 2005

A few minutes back, I got word of a secret plan brewing at Ahmedabad's Gandhi Ashram. A group of friends are heading out on a one-day pilgrimage at 5:30AM; their plan is to walk to prayer places from all different traditions -- a Church, a Mosque, a Temple, a Monastery and so on -- and spend the day doing small acts of service.

Today, it will be a year since Guri and I publicly exchanged our wedding vows.

As if that weren't enough, those same Manav Sadhna friends also presented us with the painting below (the milestones read: love, cultivation and truth) to commemorate 1000 kilometers of our walk:

Only a soul brother like Jayeshbhai can think up an offering as grand as this.

Thank you, Jayeshbhai. Thank you, everyone. If we ever cross the milestones of love, sadhna and truth, we are dragging all of you with us. :)

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