No, Not My Water Bottle!

May 22, 2005

Wrapping up Guri's sprained ankle, I left my water bottle at the tea stall that lent us their chairs.

We walk little less than a kilometers, and I turn to Guri and Veena and say, "Shoot, I forgot my water bottle." I drop my stuff and head back.

On the way, my first thought: "Darn, I had to make a mindless mistake on the day we are walking 42 kilometers! My body is gonna pay for this." Second thought: "That water bottle is a little banged up, but man, it's one of those unbreakable Nalgene bottles. Life will be so hard without it." Third thought: "The water bottle would've made for a nice memoir, if it survived the end of the trip. I really should've been more careful."

Fourth thought: "Hahahhaha. Attachment is so funny. You could only have five things, but if your heart is impure, you will latch onto those five things." Fifth thought: "I don't learn the easy way, so that's why I need this grueling pilgrimage. Walk on, pilgrim, walk on."

The water bottle is in the same spot, with all kinds of kids playing around it and unknowingly protecting it. I pick it up and walk back in silence.

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