Q&A with Rajeshree Muni

May 12, 2005

"Can you record what you are saying?" we ask humbly. "Why?" Rajeshree Muni responds with even greater humility. "So we can spread the words you are saying." "I'm not interested in spreading my words. The world functions of its own accord."

Rajeshree Muni is a very well-respected saint, who had an "order from Shiva" to go and "serve those whose food you have had for so many years". So he came out of his intense meditations for seven years and by next year at this time, he will go again into deep sadhna, never to see anyone again. His devotees think he is very close to true liberation.

Like every other place, we had just showed up at the Kayavarohan temple. Rajeshree Muni is hard to get a hold of, but he shows up the day we are there. He speaks very little to people and can only be seen by others at specific times, yet he breaks his rules to spend 3 hours responding to our questions. :)

His responses to our questions are deep, thought provoking and profound, and very direct. Below are few Q&A, per my understanding of how he responded:

  • What is the biggest obstacle to finding God?
    Overcoming your body. We have three types of bodies: our physical body, our subtle body and the inner-most body where the soul resides. Ultimately, we have to overcome all three of these bodies!

  • Why is there so much suffering in the world?
    It's the kalu-yuga. You can't change that. Just change yourself, that's good enough.

  • Why are your thoughts on Seva?
    It's a good action, but not good enough. Finding God within you is the truest action.

  • Why do you serve others, like us?
    I got an order from God, so I have no choice. (laughs) In 1993, on my birthday, he gave me 'darshan' and told me exactly what to do.

  • Can you chat with God whenever you want?
    I wish. :) He decides when to give me darshan.

  • Shouldn't we serve others?
    There are three kinds of positive deeds. One is 'subh karma' -- you do good things and collect such merits; you'll be materially well off, but then you'll be back in the cycle. Second is 'punya karma' -- you do things in support of dharma; this will create suitable conditions to cultivate truth. Third is 'dharma karma' -- you cultivate truth; this karma will never deplete and has the highest merit.

  • How can we tell what kind of karma we are doing?
    You can't. You need awareness for that to happen. Until then, you are just shooting darts in the dark.

  • How can you get that awareness?
    You have to work sincerely. Still, you can wire the whole house but unless you turn on the power, you won't get electricity. In the same way, you need to turn on the power. To turn on that power, you need the grace of a Guru.

  • How can you find a Guru?
    You can't find a Guru. You will get a Guru, only if it is written in your destiny.

  • Who is enlightened?
    Someone who doesn't die. That is, when they die, their body disappears. It doesn't go anywhere but we can't see it; it stays with us forver. Kabir, Mirabai, Jyaneshwar are all examples of enlightened souls.

  • You mean, Buddha and Christ weren't enlightened?
    I didn't say that. All I said was that if they haven't overcome all of their bodies, they aren't enlightened.

  • Are you enlightened?

  • Can you see your past lives?
    One who can see isn't interested in such things.

  • Is there a purpose to a pilgrimage?
    Yes, there's a lot of benefit. But if you don't do it right, it becomes just another physical exercise.

  • Thank you for your time.
    It is all destined that you would come here on May 6, 2005.

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