Blogging Blessings

May 13, 2005

"I pray for you and Guri every night before I sleep." That's what I read in my inbox last night.

So many readers write to us that they are moved to tears by the personal stories, by this unrehearsed journey, by an all-out search for true reality; and today, I want to say that I am moved to tears by your tears. Thank you.

And the larger thank-you goes to two people who insisted that I keep a journal: my mom and Rev. Heng Sure. As of yesterday, this blog is getting 20,000 hits everyday; couple organizations post daily entries on their office walls and make it mandatory staff reading; Akanksha is compiling a book of these stories, for the 8000 Bombay slum children that they serve; Profiles are reprinted in many places, folks want to translate this blog in couple languages, press is writing stories we can't track. And so on.

Personally, I'm not much of a writer. Many of my sentences don't have subjects and predicates, I don't remember what gerunds and appositives are, and I hardly check for typos. Not to mention run-on sentences. But I write with my heart, in the hopes that it connects with other hearts.

For the couple hours that I'm connected to the "web", it's a nice affirmation of what my heart already knows -- we're all connected.

Your kind wishes is what keeps us going. Thank you for making this your pilgrimage.

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