Two New Profiles

May 11, 2005

Guri shares an iJourney profile on Shurtiben Shroff:

It is a routine first-class train ride. Atul Shroff turns to his wife and tells her, "There's a 3-acre proposal to start a hospital in a village where we are building a new plant. Are you interested in leading it?" Shrutiben Shroff gives him an answer that would change both their lives forever: "No."
[ read full profile: Tick Tock, Tick Tock ]

I wrote one on Jagdishbhai Shah:

It's 2AM. Police are blocking off entire streets, newspapers haven't yet printed these headlines yet, fear is quickly spreading throughout the city of Baroda. Communal riots, between Hindus and Muslims, have just started in Baroda in 1993. While most are asleep, one man wakes up and heads out to the worst affected area to do a non-violence march. It's one thing to protest after an event takes place, but it's another to go right into the eye of the storm.
[ read full profile: Experiments in Grace ]

Hope you get a little flavor of what we experienced when we met them!

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