A Nine-Year-Old's Gita

Apr 30, 2005

At 9, his mom tells him: "Son, I want to read the Gita." Her obedient son goes to the library and get her a couple of Marathi translations. And she says, "No son, I don't like these. I want to read your translation!"

Scholars after scholars have spent entire lifetimes deciphering the Bhagvad Gita. But here is a unschooled, village woman asking her nine-year-old son to translate it. Sure enough, that kid starts to translate it. He gets to the end of chapter 2 and tells his mom, "Mom, I don't understand this yet but I will keep trying."

22 years later, he finished the translation of the Gita. That nine-year-old now had become a spiritual gaint by the name of Vinoba Bhave.

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