500 Rupees From a Monk!

Apr 18, 2005

They say it's hard to find him, but we walk right in. In fact, we had put 35 kilometers on the line for it. Fortunately, he is rocking on his swing as we walk in. After a minute of introduction, he signals one of the bookkeepers: "Go bring them 500 Rupees. They will need it on the way."

A renounced Swami giving us 500 Rupees?!? Gee whiz.

Perhaps it was because he could relate -- at 21, he left everything searching for "enlightenment" and stayed an entire year while walking across India. Today, at 65, he was a fearless speaker on many things, author of over 50 books, and a revolutionary who has roamed more than 70 countries.

He didn't want us to leave the ashram, but when we were about to leave, he asked us again: "Take 500 Rupees. You will need it." We bowed silently and said, "Thank you, but all we need at this time are your blessings." He smiled as we parted ways.

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