Conversations With God

Mar 16, 2005

"God, why are you doing this to me?" she screams as the doctor applies
some scary looking, purple antiseptic to her intense wounds. "God,
why do I have to go through suffering?"

It's almost as if Rinku is having a conversation with God. Quite literally.
And she is two years old. Jayeshbhai bursts into tears himself.

When we walked into Batha, a village near Kabirwad, we didn't know anyone
nor did we know where we would stay. As we entered the town, the first
person we met was Rinku's mom; within minutes, we investigated the screams
from the back and found Rinku with a serious skin infection on her legs.

The next day, we stuff twenty village folks, including Rinku, into
one Tata Sumo car and made a trip to a nearby hospital. It turns out that
another kid was put in ICU, a kid who would've died had we not been at the
hospital that day.

I have seen many buildings known as temples, but today I saw a true temple inside the heart of a 2 year old.

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