Random Act of Prayer

Mar 9, 2005

"Yes, yes, let's definitely stop the car," Ishwar-kaka said.

A 94-year-old, homeopathic doctor was in the hospital, for a surgery. A very simple, devout and loving man, he was only able to have liquids for the past 15-20 days and everyone in his family was getting worried about his future.

Dada, as people called him, had never taken aloepathic medicine; this was his first time in the hospital. So when we were passing through that hospital, Ishwar-kaka said that we should stop no matter how late we are.

All dozen of us, in two cars, stopped.

It turns out that he was in the operation theatre, right when we walked in. Partially not knowing what to do, all of us and nearby staff members made a big circle in the lobby and prayed. After about five minutes, we departed in silence.

Not only was the operation successful, but right after it, Dada came out smilingly and said, "Bring me tea!" Everyone was thrilled. Much to shock of family members, he even had a meal!

Sometimes cars stop, even when you're late. Just so you can be on time.

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