Washing Clothes Samadhi

Feb 23, 2005

So, yesterday was the first time that I was wearing *all* hand-washed clothes.

When I was washing my clothes ...

  • First thought: hail to laundry machines! This is crazy.
  • Second thought: this is really inefficient. It's not a bad thing to do, but such a waste of time.
  • Third thought: what I should do is figure a way to pay-forward a laundry machine to these guys.
  • Fourth thought: you know, this is not so bad; but I should really simplify my clothes. Why do I have these fancy pockets and stuff?
  • Fifth thought: what if I only had two pairs of clothes? Wear one, clean one. Easy, simple, no nonsense.

Twenty minutes later, I carried my clothes to the nearest sunshine.

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