Driving A Saint

Feb 8, 2005

On top of a Jaipur hill, amidst sounds of birds and sights of peacocks, Guri and I sat in silence, on a concrete slab. It was right outside the "dhamma hall", where Viral was doing his last hour of meditation. Previously, he had been in full solitude and intense meditation for 20 continuous days.

As we sat there, a deep serenity arose and it was hard not be thankful to be in company of a sincere cultivator of truth, like Viral. Guri and I both started tearing and sniffling. My mom later told us that she had a very strong feeling of gratitude, at the same time.

When Viral came out, it was an awesome sight. A very clean, uncomplicated look with a half smile and a radiant glow. During the rickshaw ride home, Viral shared his experiential dharma through his words but largely his presence. In fact, I don't know what it was, but I kept on thinking about the rickshaw driver ... that perhaps it wasn't an accident that he was company to this, that perhaps that seeds of dharma may ripen in him too, and that may he have the blessings to cultivate dharma.

I kept on feeling like crying but I'd look out of the rickshaw to distract myself, lest Viral and Guri think I'm weird. :)

What a gift, to have a brother like Viral.

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