Fourth Floor Rain-bow

Jan 29, 2005

As we were moving out of our apartment, I blurted out: "Guri, do you know what you're doing? Selling everything, moving out of your home, saying goodbye to all your friends, letting go of a thriving organization ... all for what? For some unknown destination outside your comfort zone, for some unknown reason?"

I paused and then continued my tirade as Guri, Harinder and my mom were wrapping up the packing. "It's one thing to leave if you're dis-satisfied, lacking in some way, wanting adventures, feeling the need to make a difference in the world. But I have it all here. Why would I leave all this? Now, why exactly am I leaving again?"

They all thought I was joking, and started laughing. I mean, I was sort of joking but not really. You gotta be pretty crazy to do something like this without a rational reason.

For the next half hour, we wrapped up our packing as the rain outside intensified. Then it started pouring like I've never seen in Berkeley. And out of the nowhere, out came the sun.

And the most beautiful, full semi-circle rainbow across the Berkeley hills. From the fourth floor, we had a perfect front-row view of the most majestic rainbow that any of us had seen in our entire lives.

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