Temple of Accumulated Error

Nov 7, 2004

Seva Foundation's board meetings are great for two primary reasons -- its people and its traditions. From world reknonwed activists to clowns to philanthropists, people of Seva are a unique bunch that poetically weave together spirituality and action. Just as inspiring are their traditions like opening the meetings with a 3 hour (yes, that long!) "circle of sharing", with a "puja" table where everyone places something sacred from their spiritual journeys.

My top three reflections from this year's "circle of sharing":

  • "I am a temple of accumulated error." (Wavy's usual introduction)
  • "En-lakesh." (phrase used in Gautemala to mean "I am another you.")
  • "It's easy to fly, when you travel light." (Quote Dennis heard once)

Oh and this morning, Jerry Jones's wife was reading him the vows from her cousin's upcoming wedding to a Peruvian guy. Half way through, he thought they sounded familiar. Turns out, it was a copy of my wedding vows. Open source wedding vows. Yeah, baby! :)

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