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Artistic Rumblings

Aug 16, 2005

Art is subtle and delicate and it makes the mind also
in its movements subtle and delicate.
- Sri Aurobindo

A white postcard printed in red and black. I put it up on my bulletin board years ago and never took it down. Not because it meant anything to me at the time- more because it didn't. We all have persistent postcard puzzles like that in our life though don't we? The Deep Profound that we don't quite get. Yet. And then one fine day it's mirrorclear. We stare at its truth with the surprise of a baby giraffe all grown up- wondering at greenleaves he can suddenly reach. How did you get here?And maybe Life is a day by day unravelling of mystery while romping kittens who've lost their mittens play with yarn.

But we were talking of Art.

And I was just thinking today how accessible it is if you stop trying to look for stars in broad daylight. Because it's not that hidden or hard. It's in the everyday. Only you wouldn't think it at first. Until one morning you step into the kitchen- not to paint a picture but to cut some vegetables. (Because even the most artistic stomach will rumble)

And you are busily peeling carrots and chopping corriander in a quiet kitchen when you realize with a startle that sometimes- just the vivid interruption of color (carrot orange corriander green) against black counter top can be- Art.

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