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Beautiful Fact

Aug 14, 2005

I'm So Happy For You.

People say that to people.
All the time.

It's almost a kind of reflex.
Like when someone sneezes


You say-
Bless You.

But you're not really thinking
Of Blessing

(You're not really thinking
Of Anything)

And when someone says
Something Good
Has happened
To her

So often we say

I'm So Happy For You

Without Really
Taking the time to
Be Happy for Anyone.

But Sometimes.

When people say to people

I'm So Happy For You

You can feel their Happiness
Bursting over the world
Like a small sun

Whose warmth and sincerity
Grows you up
Little by

These shining unfettered moments
Of pure bewilderment-

Because the Algebra of it All
(Your Happiness equals Mine)
Is bewildering like that.

These shining unfettered moments
Of pure bewilderment

Teach you in your happiness
That you are not just you.
And never really were.

I'm So Happy For You

It will humble you unexpectedly
If it hasn't already.
And if it has
It will do it

Not your Happiness-

But the Beautiful Fact
That the world
Will share it
With you.

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