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For Next Time

Aug 13, 2005


- Swami Vivekananda

And today when I read that in careful calligraphy on a blue wall I stopped. Condemnation is a strong word...so is Nothing.

But there are some things in the world that call for strength no?

Condemnation is weighty disapproval. It descends like a gavel- with a judgement. And the verdict is always Guilty-as-Charged. Like the gavel rightly wielded it has it's uses. But it's not a solution by itself. And I think that's what he was saying. That you can't simply walk around the world gavel-banging because imagine if we all did that all we'd make is an Unholy Racket and that's the truth.

And today I made an Unholy Racket :-) (a small one. but unholy. and a racket. no less).

It struck me that condemnation my style sometimes acts as a cover-up. For my own laziness and lack of sincerity. Most often I'm too clumsy to be able to wield this weapon well. So much of its strength stems sometimes from the misguided attempt of blind ignorance to protect what is wrong within by attacking what is wrong without. Criticism comes so much cheaper than self-correction...or so I make the mistake of believing once in awhile.

And I think that's maybe the problem with criticism- it so rarely is sincere enough to implicate itself. It doesn't take the time to understand how all of it interconnects.

so many silly demons inside me
(all related to yours)
and all with the same name.

It does not help either of us to let them play together so often :-)

But to guard against this demands alertness and some degree of agility and foresight- because Condemnation is soveryswiftheeled. By the time Compassion shows up it's already had it's sharplyworded unhelpful say in the matter. Where Compassion travels on foot bringing gifts, not expecting anyone or anything to arrive until it has, Condemnation more often than not takes a short cut and turns up ahead of all the other guests. Empty-handed and Uninvited. Like an impolite god. Demanding attention, denying help.

Sometimes Condemnation is the Bad Fairy- the twist in the plot- admitted she can make things interesting and serve as something of a catalyst...but I think maybe the trick is to remember to invite Compassion everywhere...because when Condemnation gate-crashes the party you'll want Compassion to follow her act (like the Good Fairy at Sleeping Beauty's christening. She'll make it all come right in the end :-))

Condemnation accomplishes nothing.

Today was a good day to read that reminder- even if it came a little too late- I'll have it stored somewhere near the surface for next time.

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