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Take A Wild Guess

Jul 23, 2005

I met a two-and-a-half year old two nights ago
A little boy with a big imagination and a fascination for
Blenders, fans and hand-drills
His grandfather tells us he can imitate the sound
Of a drill to perfection.

Can you? I ask and he says
Ya. I go Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-
And he turns around and around and
Around and doesn?t get dizzy.

Then he turns into a little cat
And curls up in a corner for all of five seconds.

Before deciding he has to show us
His Old Boring Train.

Making me wonder what he thinks
Old Boring means.

Because the train is a small piece of wood with
Two one-time wheels tied to a piece of string and
He drags it everywhere and his mother says
Sometimes he calls it his blender.

And while we sat around eating dinner he asked her
What are They doing? And she said
Take a Wild Guess.

What?s a Wild Guess?
He wanted to know.

And I think that was when
My mind stopped working.

I think that was when I remembered
Without words what it is like to
Be a child.

And to walk around the world imitating
The music of the hand drill and the
Curl of a little cat and the
Excitement of


And do you remember those magical years
That could not see

Not even in a mere piece
Piece of wood with
Two wheels
To a (mere) piece of

And now what do you suppose it is like to be that Alive to our world?


Take a Wild Guess.

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