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Point of No Return

Jun 25, 2005

When a river nears the ocean does it suddenly stop and draw back
Abashed- in the sudden realization of its meager contribution?
After all that it has brought with it in such a rush of self-importance
is a Blue Redundancy. A childish offering.

Does it whisper furiously under its breath- What on Earth was I thinking?

If only it had a better excuse for being here than
Its own impulsiveness.
If only it could crumple up like an old sheet of newspaper
Toss itself away unnoticed.
(If only one could turn around and tiptoe home.
Slip back under the covers
Pretend it was all a dream.
To wake up in one?s own bed.)

But no.
Every point in a river is one of no return.

And perhaps there is only time for a half-second of self-doubt
A mere momentary rush of lostness
Before that headfirst tumble into
A Vast Recognition.

(And the low rumble you hear from the shore?
Is the ocean laughing.)

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