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Monsoon Meditations

Jun 22, 2005

And have you heard Saki of that laughing, blue-skinned god who carries a flute-
Longed for as the monsoon and just as good for this red earth and all
Living Beings who have it in them to Grow...?

There is a quality of ripening stillness to these days.
Though the earth knows that the clouds know
that the earth knows it will rain-
There is still time enough
for teasing.

The sky darkens and dresses up for drama- then
changes back- pretends to have Other Plans.

A strong wind places a heavy canopy of clouds
across the sky- laughs- chases it away.

The earth hides a smile- tardily decides- not to make a point
of her thirst.

(None of this is new)

Though the clouds know that the earth knows
that the clouds know it will rain -
There is still time enough
for tradition.

Hundreds upon hundreds of years have held
the exactness of this moment

Poised with the perfection of a prayer from
a pure heart between heaven and earth

The earth chooses her thirst and the clouds
their burden of rain.

A place deeper than desire or despair
decides these things
A consciousness beyond compassion's

And the monsoon when arrived comes
not born of desperation or pity

But simply because-
It is the natural order of things.

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