Thoughts, Speeches, Anecdotes

Since starting ServiceSpace, I've had the opportunity to address many diverse venues. Below is a sampling of few of the recordings. (To send me an invite, use this form.)

Most Popular Talks

Most Watched: Designing For Generosity

Most Viral: Paths Are Made by Walking (UPenn Commencement, 2012)

Most Read: Magical and Miserable (2013)

Longest Press: Charity @ Home (2000)

Old School: Values of ServiceSpace (first video), Spirit of ServiceSpace (first talk!)

Most Recent: Embrace the Grace (2018), Algorithms and Love (2017)

TedX Talks



Penn State: Unlocking Multiple Forms of Capital

Fargo: Can We Create Social Change Without Money?

San Digeo: Gandhi 3.0: Power of Many -- and One (2014)

Mumbai Masala: What if Generosity was Taught by Those Who Had the Least?(2013)

Berkeley: Designing For Generosity (2012)

GoldenGate Ed: Give, Receive, Dance (2011)

On Technology

Munich: Algorithms and Love

Would Gandhi Use Social Media?

London: Technology and Values
Gandhi 3.0: Bridging Internet and Inner-Net

Church in Silicon Valley: Four Years of Compassion College (+ older transcript)

Bankers in London: Technology and Values

College in Vienna: Four Design Principles

Climate Conference: Connecting For Change

Youth Activists: Lessons From Awakin Circles

Entrepreneurs: Be Selfish, Be Generous

Ayurveda Healers: Perspectives on Seva.

Researchers in SF: Making Gratitude Go Viral

Three Values of ServiceSpace: old talk to Stanford students.
Assumption: Embrace the Grace

DRBU: #MakeVirtueViral

Harker: Magical and Miserable

UPenn: Paths Are Made by Walking


Radical Power of Humility -- with John Lewis, and Andrew Young.

Dialogue On Relationships

Spiritual: Kalyan Mitra

Volunteers: Why Small Acts -- Not Big?

Small Business: Regenerative Generosity: Bridge From Local to Love.

Teachers: Bill Gates Vs. Mother Teresa

Random Assortment of Older Talks


Projects I'm Involved With

"Service doesn't start when you have something to give; it blossoms naturally when you have nothing left to take."

"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."