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In London This Weekend ...

Dear ServiceSpace Friends in London,

I'm passing through your neck of the woods this weekend, and it would be a great joy if we found a way to hug. :)

Saturday in Central London: about 60 change-makers are coming together around the theme of building bridges. As we go from greed (me) to generosity (we) to grace (us), our circle of concern expands and dissolves some of our boundaries. Details/RSVP here.

Monday evening in Harrow: with a Buddhist monk Jin Wei, we'll be sharing stories from the heart. :) Like Arun Dada, who taught us that being fearless isn't just about you not being afraid of others, but also no one else being afraid of you! Details/RSVP here.

Throughout the weekend, there's also various other events and circles. If that's a possibility for you, let me know and I can connect the dots.

Last month, I had a remarkable visit to Colombia, staying in a city that was previously called "murder capital of the world". Despite the challenges, I left deeply inspired by the propensity of the human heart to bend towards great love. Here was the conclusion of my talk at the "Being with the Other" conference:

What Gandhi called Law of Love could even be called Law of Flow. When we give, even in the tiniest of ways, our shift from me-to-we ignites this flow and invites deep relationships. Wider our circle of generosity, stronger our flow and longer our bridges. And richer the field of emergence. Now, whatever small action we take is no longer just a isolated shot in the dark; it dances in concert with the winds of nature and thus triggers an unending ripple effect.

Looking forward to embracing this flow of love with all of you, and serving the web of life.

With flowing smiles, :)


P.S. When asked, "How did you fix that problem?", a five year old responds: "We fixed it with ... imagination!" Two days ago, a radical moment of imagination: Pancho at the US/Mexico border!

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