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First Day In Philippines

I arrived in Philippines today, for the first time. It's a developing country in many ways, with 450 thousand call center workers in Manila alone. Colonized by Spanish, it's a largely Catholic country, whose current president is a vocal proponent of violence as a means to solve problems. Yet there are many bright lights, as I was to discover.

Ana had come to India earlier this year for our Gandhi 3.0 retreat, and "it changed everything". When she returned back to Assumption College, where she runs the METTA theater program with 17 staff, she initiated dozens of experiments. The school president, a former Christian nun, found a new mission for their elite, 3000+ student school and college: a culture of kindness. Ana repeatedly jokes, "I've been damaged for life. I can't go back to another way of living, giving or serving." To give you an idea of her commitment, she signed up for a recent Laddership Circle thinking that it was a residential program -- "I've finally convinced my boss to give me six weeks of leave." Fortunately, it was a virtual circle. :)

I was walking into a field that was ripe for so much. Below is one of the first Awakin Circles they hosted -- where Nimo and I both overlapped for an evening. They intend to host Awakin Circles regularly now.

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