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A "Bus Monk" In Poland

We had an epic Karma Kitchen in Poland.  Rev. Heng Sure put on the apron to replace "bus boys" with "bus monks". #Humbling


Before Karma Kitchen Poland, all volunteers tied a sacred thread (rakhi) to each other, with prayerful blessings -- as a way to share our merits with each other. As I departed Krakow, I still had that red thread on my right wrist. And it so happened that I ended up sitting next to a nuclear physicist who ran the Lawrence Livermore Lab (has been working there for 60 years, and counting!) -- with Tellar, he invented the Hydrogen Bomb, to name just one of many ways in which he has contributed to peace or war (depending on your perspective :)). Although our life philosophies landed in very different ends of the spectrum, we really hit it off at a heart-level. At the end of our profound multi-hour conversations, I paid forward my rakhi with the same wish I had received it: dear brother, if you encounter any obstacles along the way, may my merits be yours. 

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