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Mysterious Coffee Conversation :)

Every so often, conversations take on a mysterious turn. :)  That's what happened at coffee today.

Myself and two lovely ladies from a big Church in London.  For the first half hour, we spoke about inspiring topics.  Then, one of the women started to get the "goosebumps of inspiration".  We continue for another half hour.

And then, in the second hour, as we got more comfortable with each other, one of the women asks me, "Do you see what's next to you?"  "Um, this coffee table?"  "No, it's Kuthumi."  "Huh?  Next to me? Where? :)"  "You don't know who that is."  "No, never heard the name."  You can imagine where the conversation went from there. :)

By the end, no matter how diverse our mental frameworks, we felt very deeply nourished by each other's presence.  When they insisted to pay for my coffee, I invited them to help me pay it forward.  First we brainstorm about it, then find a candidate for expressing our kindness.  Then, the waitress comes over and is confused.  "I'll need to ask my manager if I can do this."  After that permission, mission accomplished.  We all left with a vibrant smile, of knowing that we tried to make someone smile.

Sometimes we think we are meeting for certain reasons, but all too often, I get this nagging suspicion that there's a lot more under the tip of iceberg. :)

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