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Live A Life Of Grace

Recently, someone had asked me what advice I would give to my younger self ... here is what I had written:

You are taught to work hard, to drive your destiny, to make something of your precious life. That's true, but remind yourself that underneath the waves of your effort lie the undefinable laws of the ocean. Listen carefully because these laws won't be as loud as the commercials on TV; they will instead whisper with the poetry of serendipity. All our lives start with an act of serendipity that we can't explain -- our parents. It defines so much of what we are able to do in life, and yet we had no control over it. As we grow older, we tend to identify ourselves with the wave and forget about the ocean. Resist that temptation. Don't ignore that five dollar bill you find on the streets, simply because you haven't earned it. If you hold acts of serendipity with reverence, you will mature into grace. Grace isn't deserved or undeserved, understandable or mysterious, pain or pleasure. It is simply grace -- and it is aligned with the laws of the ocean. Live a life of grace. 

Posted Apr 18, 2017 | permalink


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"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."