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Every moment can be a moment of connection. My cab driver for the event was a fellow named Masood. Earlier in the day, a big Sheikh had come to this conference via a helicopter and Masood was supposed to escort him; so I was teasing him how he was then downgraded to take care of me. :) We had a good time together.

The next time I was in his car, he even treated me to coffee!  It was great to learn about his life, his understanding of Dubai, and the edges life forces him to traverse.  At one point, my pen drive (with my presentation) slipped out of my pocket and he remembered it was mine and brought it back to me.

As I was departing the conference, we gave our final hugs and I wanted to offer him something -- so I quickly looked through my bag, and what did I find? A pen that Ken Honda had given me. I told him how this was a from a big-hearted author in Japan who has written 120 books. He sent along his love, with this smile below ...


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"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."